Welcome to Blue Haze Farm, Metchosin.

Click “here” for Christmas holly— mail or farm gate sales, or farm gate fruit sales, or choose from the menu on the left.

This site was last updated Sep 19, 2017.   Check this site but for  inquiring about fruit availability is better to  e-mail us :     holly@hollychristmas.com

Apple juice normally is available year round, but we are now expect to  be out by the end of Sept 2017.

When available, for regular users (coffee shops etc) we will deliver the frozen juice and apples at no additional charge.  Ask us.   For the juice you do need freezer space and plan to thaw it a little before it is needed.

In season, beginning in Sept 2017 for pick up at our farm gate for  fruit and holly sales, we are open approximately 8:30 am until dusk everyday.  Come anytime and bring change in case we aren’t home.

Note:  For inquiries, the most likely time to find us in, try M-F mornings, look around for our farm manager, Neville Botha.  He’ll probably be picking apples.

We DO NOT sell fruit trees,  holly trees, and we do not make juice from peoples apples.

We DO NOT offer U-Pick . Except  u-pick ’em from the bins, u-weigh ’em, and u-bag ’em … and you can pause to look at the nearby trees if you or your children want to see where an apple actually comes from.

Note especially that we do not ship apples beyond the CRD area  as it generally proves uneconomic.

We DO NOT juice your apples.  This is done from our apples by Phil’s Farm on Oldfield Road.