At Blue Haze Farm in Metchosin we offer farm gate fruit sales.    This site was updated on Sep 19, 2017.    WE NORMALLY HAVE FRUIT, IN SEASON, FROM AUG UNTIL  NOVEMBER/DECEMBER, and apple juice year round.   CONTACT US for apple availability,    or read further in this website.
THIS YEAR (2017) OUR FRUIT SEASON has begun in late August, AND WE will HAVE  2- LITRE (FROZEN) APPLE JUICE ($6.50) near the end of September. 
*************We are leaving the following information on the website for future years, beginning in August 2017********. 
 IN SEASON, we specialize in many varieties of fruit, some of which never normally reach stores. None of our apples are treated and  stored, so they are only available in the growing season. They are not waxed or otherwise treated. No pesticides are applied to the fruit. Apple varieties which were, are  or will be available are: yellow transparent, summer red, gravenstein, wealthy, spartan, MacIntosh, yellow delicious, red delicious, jonagold, melrose, mutsu, coxes, king, gala, northern spy, winter banana, fuji, elstar, bramleys (an English cooking apple). We have two varieties of crabapples (dolgo & hyslop) which make great jelly; both varieties are now no longer available this season. Also, we will have quince (which  look like a yellow pear), which also make a great jelly. And in May, we have rhubarb and later, off and on, we have blueberries, blackberries, plums and figs. Nothing but apples and later, quince,  now.  We have some of the standard apple varieties like McIntosh and spartan but we specialize in odd or old varieties than never make it to the supermarket … this is an opportunity to try some of them.We have over 400 fruit trees but some years some varieties refuse to co-operate and we get very few of them. One year in the past, and this year, we lost almost every fig (to starlings) just before ripening. Now most of the fig trees are caged.
However, when available we will have frozen, ultra-violet (cold) pasteurized apple juice.    The fruit is  processed by Phil’s Farm who may be able to process your apples if you call him at 250-652-2264.
We DO NOT offer U-Pick.
We do NOT sell fruit or holly trees.
For apples and other fruit if it is convenient, please bring a bag or box for pick-up. We do have some bags available. The current trend doing away with grocery bags will mean we will have fewer donations from customers who have in the past dropped off their bags for us, something much appreciated.
SHIPPING: We rarely ship fruit, … it is farm-gate or pick-up-at-the farm only. Fruit weighs heavily and is expensive to pack and ship. But you can buy from us and ship it yourself.
Doing it for you, we do not receive cheaper shipping rates than you would.
If you would like to be advised when a particular variety is available, contact us and we will add your name and telephone number/e-mail address to our file or phone us or check back on this website.
We DO NOT offer U-Pick.
We do NOT sell fruit or
 holly  trees.
We DO NOT juice apples
for people.  This might be
 done for you at Phil’s Farm on
 Oldfield Road 250-652-