During the Christmas season in the past we have shipped  boxes of holly to almost anywhere in Canada or USA, or you could pick up holly at our farm in Metchosin, BC.   However, we are currently unable to ship holly. If you want to pick up holly at the farm and ship it yourself, we suggest you call us to confirm availability.  You can call us at 250-516-6921.   If you want holly shipped for you we suggest you contact MacArthur Holly Farm  bcholly@shaw.ca  www.bcholly.com   250-479-6208 

Holly is a different Christmas gift with both religious and secular significance that lasts through the holidays.  Send to friends, relatives, customers or clients. It does not grow in cold or warm climates, so it makes for a special gift to many areas.

If you purchase holly from us, and wish to ship the holly yourself, we suggest that you ship it by parcel post  but   request the post office to deliver only  a card telling the recipient to pick-up the package at their local postal outlet …. they can do that …. this is because holly is sensitive to freezing (and overheating) and should not be left outside in cold or very warm conditions.  To most non-freezing locations …  no problem! It is just that so many addresses are now outside group boxes that can be exposed to freezing temperatures.  Also, we suggest you ship by expedited or express post; and you can track it to advise you when it is delivered.  If you think it will not encounter freezing temperatures, ordinary parcel post will do.