Photos of Holly

English Holly – grown and shipped fresh anywhere in Canada or USA

Table Setting

English Holly – Table Setting

A convenient way for you to display pieces of varying lengths.
Hanging Baskets

English Holly – Hanging Baskets

We do not sell baskets or wreaths but can suggest local suppliers. Contact us. There should be enough holly in one of our boxes to make your own wreath with local evergreens and other decorations. If you intend to make a wreath tell us and we’ll supply short, berried pieces which most people use rather than longer ones.
Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath of English Holly

Christmas Wreath of English Holly with cedar

Christmas Wreath of English Holly with cedar

Shipping box

Our shipping boxes, each containing about 1 1/2 pounds of holly. This weight is actual holly; it does not include the box weight –

Holly WreathWe do not construct and sell wreaths. We can provide the holly for you to make wreaths, or can refer you to a local supplier. For inquiries about Christmas Wreaths, contact us.